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1.Is all of your jewelry pure 925 sterling silver?
-Yes, all of the metal used in our jewelry is pure 925 sterling silver.


2.What is 925 sterling silver?
-925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and the other 7.5% is comprised of other metals, usually copper. 100% pure silver cannot be used in jewelry because the metal is too soft. By adding copper into the mix it strengthens and makes the metal more durable.
3.Does all of the jewelry have a 925 hallmark stamp?
- 99% of our jewelry does possess a 925 hallmark stamp. The 1% that doesn’t is because the item is too fragile and stamping it would damage the piece. We can assure you that even for the items that do not possess a stamp they are still pure 925 sterling silver.
4.Does the ear studs include butterflies/earring back?
- Yes, butterflies/earring backs are provided with all ear studs and are included in the price displayed on the website.
5.Is the jewelry ethically manufactured ?
- Yes, all of our jewelry is manufactured within our own factory in Guangdong,China. And it is known for being one of the industry’s leading factories for keeping up to date and compliant with all international, EU and US laws surrounding corporate and social responsibility.
1.Do you have a minimum order ?
- Yes, our minimum order is $199 after any applied discounts.
2. Can I order samples to an amount under your minimum order?
- No, we’re afraid not. We have specifically chosen to have a low minimum order of only $199 so it is suitable for customers wanting to place sample orders.
3.Is there a minimum quantites per design that I need to order?
- No, there is no minimum quantity per style. You can order 1 unit per design if you wish.
4.I need a larger quantites than what you show on the website ,how can I order it ?
-Please contact our sales online.
5.What units are the products sold in?
- Our products are sold as per the picture. So earrings will be sold per pair and necklaces will be sold per piece.
6.How is the jewelry packed?
- Each stock unit is packed in a transparent poly bag. Most of our products are normally sold without any special boxes or cards.
7.Can you pack my orders in my packing?
- If you place a production order – $1500 minimum order, Regular Design: 100 units per design/color/size or Custom Design: 200 units per design/color/size, and 8 weeks production time, we offer a custom packing service. You can either send us your packaging or send us a picture and the details of what you want, and we will source it here in China.
1.How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?
- All orders are dispatched within 96 hours of receiving payment.
2. Will you send me a tracking number ?
- Yes, all of our shipments are tracked and we will send you your tacking number within 24hrs of the order being dispatched.
3.Once the order is dispatched how long will it take to reach me?
- It depends on your selected currier but delivery time is typically between 3-12 working days.
4.What countries do you ship to?
-We ship to every country.
1.How can I pay for the order?
- We accept payment via PayPal, Western Union,Money Gram and Bank Transfer.